Entry Digital Video Recorder Solutiion
4,8 and 16 Channel are available. It is targeted for simple recording solution for home and business. It is supports IP Phones and Android phone, it can be live view.

KOW-3000E Series

Economic digital Video Recorder Solution
4 and 8 channel are available. It is used for video recording and streaming. It is supports a wide range of mobiles, including Iphone, Android and Blackberry. It can be live view and playback using smartphone. The mobile apps is:mobileviewer2'

KOW-3000 Series

Business Digital Video Recorder Solution
4 and 8 channel are available. I is a higher version of KOW-3000E Series. I supports POS, R485, pORT, Alarm input and output. The mobile apps is mobileviewer2

Technology Partner


PT AIDC Technology Indonesia has always been a preferred partners for WIT ENTERPRISES. While their wide range of quality solutions that they always meet our requirements and thus it is also well appreciated by our customers. We differentiates them is their srtrong technical knowledge, prompt response to problems, friendly staff and strong after sales support.

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